About the Ruapehu Art Awards


The Ruapaehu Art Awards were founded in 2016. The Goal was to create an Art event that would promote Art in the Central Plateau Ruapehu and the King Country district giving exposure to new up and coming Artists allowing them exposure by attractive lovers of Art to our district. The goal of making this event a National Art competition is to draw in Artists of all levels from around the country and make it into an event were Art Lovers visit to discover fresh new talent on a regular basis marking the RAAs as an event to look forward to and attend Biannually or annually. It’s also well known that such events can act to bolster a community by attracting visitors to a location supplying secondary income to businessess in host town or City where visitor need accommodation, eat out and in some cases visit in local activities and attractions.
So the goals are two fold. Firstly to promote the Arts and secondly to promote the district.

For the Artists we aim to:

  • To provide an accessible, welcoming platform for all artists and photographers, whatever age and experience level, to showcase their creativity, gain recognition and possibly be awarded prize money for their work.
  • To provide an accessible  outlet for the sale of affordable, local  and varied works of art for the benefit of creators and purchasers.
  • To work with other community groups and stakeholders to develop a cohesive strategy to facilitate the use of creativity to enhance our towns, environment and the lives of our residents.


Get your Artwork in early and we may create professional
digital images of your artwork for print sales at the exhibition.
This is optional. We take 40% commission which cover cost of
Print manufacturing. Just tick this option on your entry form
if you’d like to take this offer up. You’ll get to keep a copy of the
digital artwork to keep This a great way to generate income

The Ruapehu Art Awards Volunteers

The Ruapehu Art Awards is run entirely by volunteers from the local area who believe passionately in the importance of the arts and creativity at a local community level.  A massive thanks to all involved in it’s a tonne of work but with great benefits to the community